Where does Trex Fencing fall in the terms of investing in a new a fence or, as we like to say, an aesthetically  pleasing backdrop? Deciding what kind of fencing to install and how to determine an appropriate budget can be tough.  As you begin your research, it’s important to consider factors like durability, aesthetics, and level of privacy.  Like any investment, long term calculations are a factor, but let us focus on the original investment required to procure and install both Trex fence styles.


In Central and Southern California, vertical 6′ high Trex Seclusions fence runs anywhere from high $80’s to the mid $90’s  per linear foot depending on installation conditions and demolition of existing fence.  By contrast, a white PVC vinyl fence (a completely plastic-based product vs. the Trex composite) is roughly half of the amount. However, despite the disparity in cost, one out of four consumers who know of Trex Fencing will choose Trex vs. white PVC vinyl.  You, our valued current and prospective customers, tell us it’s a combination of factors such as the dense thickness of Trex materials, wood-like aesthetics and distinct design, and longevity to eliminate future replacements. 

When we start comparing PVC vinyl with colorant added to the plastic, the installed price  is closer to the same at Trex fences — 85 to 90 percent.  With virtual parity in price, customers seeking that “natural wood look” will gravitate towards Trex the majority  of the time for the extra durability, name brand, and distinct appearance.  Comparing raw materials themselves, there are several important distinctions between full-plastic and the Trex composite. Unlike plastic, Trex does not become brittle over time. The materials are 96% recycled, reclaiming sawdust from hardwood manufacturing and high density polyethylene from consumer products. Trex has been producing outdoor building materials for over 25 years, giving it a practical history that most fully plastic fences do not have.



A  Trex® Fence with Horizons(™) horizontal fence system in contrast, requires not only less of an initial investment but little or no ongoing maintenance … when I say “maintenance” for Trex fencing, I am referring to using typical outdoor cleaning at the discretion of an owner — a garden hose and possibly a brush with soap for occasional cleaning to remove dirt and marks on the fence.  Alternatively, while hardwood horizontal fences are beautiful on Day One, comparably with a Trex Fence, ongoing staining or oiling are maintenance items that are required to keep a fresher look — something most owners do not have the time or inclination to do (check out older wood fences around you to see what I mean).  The Trex Fence with Horizons horizontal fence system requires no staining or oiling to keep the product looking good all year long.  Trex with Horizons installs close to  8′ post spacings while, if done correctly, an Ipe Brazilian hardwood or clear redwood fences require 3 ft.  to 4 ft post spacing to avoid warpage. This adds costs quickly for materials and installation. Additionally, hardwood harvesting, particularly tropical hardwoods, have a burdensome impact on rainforests. Using a more readily available and sustainable softwood is not recommended. No competent fence contractor would suggest using softer woods like a lower grade redwood or pressure treated lumber because these will twist and warp quickly right after installation, even more than hardwoods.  Including both materials and labor installed, a Trex fence with Horizons will run in the mid to upper $90’s per linear foot versus hardwood lumber in the low $120’s per foot.  PVC vinyl is typically not an option in horizontal configurations.

Your content goes here. EdLooking for a tall fence. The advantages of Trex Fencing in terms of an initial investment improves even more as your fence height increases – for example: due to the structural integrity of a Trex fence, it can be built without a middle rail or post inserts up to 8′ high.  It can actually be built to 12’ tall in a standardized configuration and even taller with adaptation to the support structures. Customization? No problem! Local and national seasoned Trex installers have come up with some highly creative options for Trex fencing. We’re known for our customized designs in Southern California. Trex affords beautiful designs like the popular wall toppers you find all over our communities, and semi-transparency options in combination with ornamental panels.it or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.