Fence Regulations Downey, CA

Municipal Code Summary

In the event the boundaries of any lot in one zone abut a lot differently zoned so as to permit or require a higher wall, fence, or hedge, the greater of the wall, fence, or hedge height provisions shall apply to the adjoining portions of both such lots, except as otherwise provided by this section. When certain zones may require additional or more restrictive wall standards, those standards shall be required in addition to those standards set forth in this section. No barbed wire, razor or electrified fencing, or similar fencing is permitted in any zone, except that barbed wire may be used on a limited basis for security or safety purposes in the M-1 and M-2 Zones if not visible from any public right-of-way, subject to the approval of Site Plan Review. Chain-link fencing shall be prohibited in any front or street side yard or in any required landscape planter in a Residential, Commercial or Mixed-Use Zone. Approved materials for walls and fences include, but are not limited to, wood, metal, vinyl, stone, masonry, stucco, and concrete. Any materials not listed in this subsection may be approved subject to the discretion of the City Planner. No structure, wall, fence, or hedge shall interfere with the intersection visibility. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a wall, fence or hedge required by law for public safety. Where two (2) walls or fences, or one (1) wall and one (1) fence are provided along each property line separating two (2) adjacent properties, there shall be no gap between said walls and/or fences. Where the face of any walls or fence faces the public right-of-way, the use of anti-graffiti paint or coating is required. Height Measurement. The maximum height of a wall, fence, or hedge shall be measured from the existing or finished grade (as applicable), except within the front or street side yard, the maximum height of a wall, fence, or hedge shall be measured from the top of the nearest street curb elevation. When there is a difference in the ground level between two (2) adjoining lots, the height of any wall or fence constructed along any interior side or rear property line shall be determined by measuring from the lot with the higher finished grade directly abutting the wall, fence, or hedge.

Downey Neighborhoods: Apollo, Appleby, Brookmill, Cheddar, Coldbrook, Columbia Way, Crossdale, Dalen, Downey Ave, Downtown, Foster, Gallatin, Gneiss, Golden Park, Golondrinas, Imperial, Independence, Little Lake, Pico Vista, Pine Crest, Pomering, Quill Dr, Rancho Los Amigos, Rio Hondo, Rio San Gabriel, Salford, Smallwood, Stonewood, Texas St, The Island, Vista Del Rosa

Downey Municipal Code


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