Fence Regulations Monterey Park, CA

Municipal Code Summary

A wall, fence or hedge located in the front yard cannot exceed a height of six feet, except in the C-B Zone where the maximum height is three feet. A wall, fence or hedge of not more than ten (10) feet in height may be located on any required rear or side yard. Subject to City Planner approval, the portion of any such wall or fence that is more than six feet above the grade level must be so designed or maintained that it does not obstruct more than ten (10) percent visibility through any portion above the six-foot level.

Monterey Park Neighborhoods: Barnes Park, Bella Vista Park, Belvedere Park, Garfield Medical Center, George Elder Park, La Loma Park, Loma Verde Street, Edison Trails Park, Garvey Reservoir, South Central, Pass Road, Sierra Vista Park, The Cascades

Monterey Park Municipal Code


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