Fence Regulations Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Municipal Code Summary

A maximum 72 inches in height of any fence, hedge or wall shall be permitted in all rear setbacks, side setbacks and interior developable areas. Any plans for solid fencing or walls constructed in a front yard, side yard abutting a street, or in the rear yard of a through lot, shall be accompanied by a landscaping plan which includes the following information:

  1. The size, type and location of existing and additional landscaping provided;
  2. The method of irrigation;
  3. The method of planting (i.e., basins, trellis, etc.). Landscape plans submitted need not be prepared by a licensed architect or other professional, but should be accurate as far as location, species and size of plant at the time of installation;
  4. All landscaping associated with fences or walls, as required in this section, shall be subject to review under the provisions of Chapter 17.62 of this code (Neighborhood Compatibility) and shall be installed prior to final inspection of the city’s building official.

Rolling Hills Estates Neighborhoods: Peninsula Center

Rolling Hills Estates Municipal Code


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