Fence Regulations Whittier, CA

Municipal Code Summary

Proposals for a or reconstructed fence, wall, or retaining wall on a residentially zoned property will require a Building Permit. Building permits and inspections help ensure that fences and walls are located in the correct location. are the correct height, and are structurally sound. The Building Permit fee is based on project valuation, please contact the Building and Safety division for a fee estimation.

Whittier Neighborhoods: East Whittier, Colima, Leffingwell, Friendly Hills, Adventure Park, Ben Hur, Beverly Blvd, Breezewood, Burk, Candlewood, Colima Hikes, Coteau Drive, East Penn, El Rancho, Evergreen, Fernview, First Community, Hali Kalani, Holbrook, Lakeridge, Laurel, Lee Owens Park, Lemon Hills, Lisco, Michigan Park, Mines Curve, Pellissier Village, Rancho Starbuck, Rushford, Sorenson, South Magnolia, Spy Glass Estates, Starlight Estates, Sunrise, Telechron, The Fountain, The Gables, The Hill, Uptown Whittier, Valley View, Whittier Hills

Whittier Municipal Code


13230 Penn Street
Whittier, CA 90602



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